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Embrace Quirky: Roald Dahl’s Advice on Interior Design

Roald Dahl, the beloved children’s author, had a unique and imaginative perspective on the world. His writing often featured quirky characters, surreal situations, and fantastical settings. It’s not surprising, then, that his approach to interior design was similarly unconventional.

Dahl’s former home, Gipsy House in Great Missenden, England, is a testament to his creativity. The house is filled with unexpected and whimsical touches, such as a giant tortoise shell on the wall, a collection of antique medical equipment, and a vintage dentist’s chair.

One of Dahl’s most famous design elements was his “writing hut,” a small shed located in the garden of Gipsy House. The hut was where he wrote many of his best-known works, including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Matilda.” The interior of the hut was sparsely furnished, with a simple desk and chair, but it was decorated with quirky objects that inspired Dahl’s imagination, such as a model of an old-fashioned airplane hanging from the ceiling.

Dahl believed that a home should be a reflection of its occupants’ personalities and interests. He was not concerned with following trends or conforming to traditional design rules. Instead, he encouraged people to embrace their quirks and to have fun with their decor. He once wrote, “The chief function of the home is to provide a comfortable environment in which we can be ourselves and enjoy life with our families and friends.”

Some of Dahl’s tips for interior design include:

  1. Embrace your quirks: Don’t be afraid to incorporate unusual or unconventional items into your decor. These can be great conversation starters and can help to make your home feel unique.
  2. Have fun with color: Dahl loved bright and bold colors, and his home reflects this. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and pattern in your own home.
  3. Surround yourself with things you love: Dahl’s home was filled with objects that had personal meaning to him, such as antique medical equipment and vintage toys. Surrounding yourself with objects that you love and that inspire you can make your home feel more personal and meaningful.
  4. Make space for creativity: Whether it’s a writing hut or an art studio, having a designated space for creativity can help to foster your imagination and make your home feel more inspiring.

Overall, Roald Dahl’s advice on interior design is to have fun, be yourself, and embrace your quirks. By doing so, you can create a home that is truly unique and reflects your personality and interests.

Roald Dahl’s vardo in the garden of his house, Gipsy House, in Great Missenden, where he wrote Danny, the Champion of the World in 1975.

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