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I have compiled a list of things you need for your glass studio. Remember to check Facebook marketplace and eBay for used equipment and supplies deals. Shop locally for supplies as well.

Glass cutting tools

There are some nice starter kits for cutting glass. The first kit comes with a pistol grip cutter, breakers, and running pliers, plus some cutting oil.

This one comes with a pencil grip cutter, breakers, and running pliers, plus some cutting oil.

If you want to get a kit with both pistol and pencil grip cutters (plus the other tools and stylish safety glasses) this one might be what you are looking for:

If you prefer the custom-grip cutter:

There are cheaper and smaller grinders, but the grinder I have owned for 20+ years, and I like it because it has a large work surface and a second story:

If you buy a glass cutting kit, it will probably have oil, but if you need more:


I encourage you to whittle your own from a popsicle stick, scrap of wood or tree branch, but you can buy fids.

Soldering tools and supplies

You can use a piece of plywood or even ceiling tile for your work surface, but a work surface is available online:

This is a good price on solder, but you may not want to get 10 pounds at first.


For making loops to hang your pieces, you will need:

Optional if you don’t have strips of foam core or other thick board for doing right-angled work:

You can get one of these at the hardware store:

Various other supplies you can get locally.

You will also need Magic Erasers, window cleaner, paper towels, rags, latex gloves, eye protection, an N95 mask for organic fumes, a hammer, a metal ruler, wire cutters, an X-acto blade, scissors, round-nose pliers, band-aids, furniture or floor wax, water, and automotive grease for your grinder.

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