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Emily Dickinson was not known for her interior design sense, as she was a recluse who rarely left her family’s home. However, based on her poetry and her personal style, the following advice on interior design can be inferred:

Simplicity: Emily Dickinson’s personal style was very simple and plain, with few adornments or decorative elements. Her poetry also often emphasized simplicity and the beauty of the natural world. Therefore, her advice on interior design might involve choosing simple, uncluttered furnishings and decor that emphasize natural materials and textures.

Comfort: Despite her reclusive nature, Dickinson was known to be a gracious host to visitors who came to her family’s home. She likely would have valued creating a comfortable, welcoming environment for guests. This might involve choosing cozy furnishings, such as comfortable armchairs and soft textiles, and creating a warm, inviting color scheme.

Personal expression: Dickinson was known for her strong sense of individuality and her rejection of societal norms. She might have encouraged individuals to express their own unique style and personality through their home decor choices, rather than simply following trends or conventions.

Attention to detail: Dickinson was also known for her keen observational skills and her attention to detail in her poetry. She might have advised individuals to pay close attention to the details of their home decor, choosing items that are both beautiful and functional, and arranging them in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

Creativity: Finally, Dickinson was a highly creative individual who valued the power of the imagination. She might have encouraged individuals to approach their interior design choices with a sense of playfulness and creativity, experimenting with unexpected color combinations, patterns, and textures to create a truly unique and inspiring space.